1 flaske Brachetto + 1 stk Amaretti

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Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG Susbel. Azienda Agricola Ivaldi Dario
6,2% from grape Brachetto; year 2017.
Italy Region: Piedmont
It is a fragrant and aromatic wine with colors and a bouquet that is reminiscent of the petals of a red rose.
To the palate it comes across as being sweet, fresh, delicate and slightly tannic. Unique, one of a kind.
Fantastic with strawberries, dry pastries and desserts.


Soft amaretti without flour 300g
Mario Fongo “il Panate'”. Italy Region: Piedmont.
The delicious soft amaretti, a traditional specialty of Piedmont, produced in the provinces of Asti and Cuneo, with their intense flavour and enchanting aroma. Made only with almonds, sugar and egg whites, Mario Fongo’s amaretti are also suitable for celiac disease sufferers since they contain no flour in the dough.

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